Saradwata Sarkar

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This paper presents and validates a low-dimensional nonrigid registration method for fusing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and trans-rectal ultrasound (TRUS) in image-guided prostate biopsy. Prostate cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related death in men in the United States. Conventional clinical(More)
Prostate segmentation on CT images is a challenging task. In this paper, we explore the population and patient-specific characteristics for the segmentation of the prostate on CT images. Because population learning does not consider the inter-patient variations and because patient-specific learning may not perform well for different patients, we are(More)
Imaging is playing an increasingly important role in the detection of prostate cancer (PCa). This review summarizes the key imaging modalities-multiparametric ultrasound (US), multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), MRI-US fusion imaging, and positron emission tomography (PET) imaging-used in the diagnosis and localization of PCa. Emphasis is laid(More)
iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am glad I am finally able to officially thank the wonderful people who have been indispensable in the completion of my doctorate. I wish to thank my advisors, Professors Jeffrey Fessler and Boklye Kim, for their mentorship, encouragement, and kindness. As my EECS research advisor, Prof. Fessler has been nothing short of inspirational,(More)
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