Sarada Prasad Gochhayat

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It is difficult to perform resource allocation for a node with the agreed QoS requirement in a ubiquitous network, which consists of subnetwork segments of different technologies with different resource constraints and control. In this paper, we discuss performance analysis of a priority based resource allocation scheme for the Unodes, i.e., nodes running a(More)
The proliferation of the ubiquitous applications in different sphere of life like ubiquitous health monitoring system, and ubiquitous learning system demands the network monitoring, to check whether the nodes are getting the promised resources and inputs. Dynamicity and heterogeneity of the ubiquitous network adds challenges to the monitoring of a node(More)
A ubiquitous tourist system provides information and services available at tourist spots to the tourists unobtrusively. The information need to be provided in personalized way suitable to tourists with different requirements. To enable such efficient way of information provision, we need to consider the QoS requirements of the application and maintain it(More)
A ubiquitous application needs quality of service (QoS) guarantee to provide the required services to its users efficiently without any user intervention or requests. The ubiquitous applications demand QoS as per the current environment context. Providing QoS in a ubiquitous network is a challenging task as the network consists of several subnetworks of(More)
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