Sarabdeep Mann

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BACKGROUND The effect of cholesterol-lowering therapy on death from coronary heart disease in older patients with previous coronary heart disease and average cholesterol levels is uncertain. OBJECTIVE To compare the relative and absolute effects of pravastatin on cardiovascular disease outcomes in patients with coronary heart disease who are 65 years of(More)
A case of adnexal torsion in premenarchal child is presented. Prompt diagnosis was made with the use of pelvic ultrasound and laparoscopy. The later was used for establishing the diagnosis and furthermore for untwisting the adnexa. We suggest that laparoscopy should precede laparotomy and that conservative detorsion should be done more liberally in the(More)
BACKGROUND Unilateral hip reconstruction in patients with cerebral palsy can be complicated by contralateral subluxation and ipsilateral failure. We sought to identify predictors for failure after unilateral reconstruction in patients with GMFCS IV-V CP with unilateral hip involvement. METHODS We performed an IRB-approved retrospective study on GMFCS IV-V(More)
Continuous intra-arterial blood pressure recording using the “Oxford” technique has been used to study the antihypertensive effects of oxprenolol taken three times daily in fully ambulatory patients with essential hypertension, outside hospital. During the first 24 h of treatment there was a reduction in daytime heart rate and a small reduction in daytime(More)
BACKGROUND Immediate-release omeprazole has a more rapid absorption compared with delayed-release omeprazole in asymptomatic volunteers. However, effects of delayed gastric emptying on omeprazole absorption remain unknown. AIM To compare pharmacokinetics between immediate and delayed-release omeprazole in patients with GERD associated with gastroparesis.(More)
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