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INTRODUCTION Proposed diagnostic criteria (international working group and National Institute on Aging and Alzheimer's Association) for Alzheimer's disease (AD) include markers of amyloidosis (abnormal cerebrospinal fluid [CSF] amyloid beta [Aβ]42) and neurodegeneration (hippocampal atrophy, temporo-parietal hypometabolism on(More)
Flexible covariate-dependent density estimation can be achieved by modelling the joint density of the response and covariates as a Dirichlet process mixture. An appealing aspect of this approach is that computations are relatively easy. In this paper, we examine the predictive performance of these models with an increasing number of covariates. Even for a(More)
Description This is an extension of the mcclust package. It provides post-processing tools for MCMC samples of partitions to summarize the posterior in Bayesian clustering models. Functions for point estimation are provided, giving a single representative clustering of the posterior. And, to characterize uncertainty in the point estimate, credible balls can(More)
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