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Capac Women and the Politics of Marriage in Early Colonial Peru
During the major Inca civil wars, Atahualpa had almost exterminated Huascar’s kin. Only a few capac women, those who descended from Manco Capac, the founder of the Inca dynasty, remained alive.
Mining the Colonial Archive: The Global Microhistory of a Peruvian Coya
In this essay, I employ a philological approach to reading and analyzing Spanish-language historical documents that include Quechua, Aymara, and other non-Spanish terms to shed light on the records
Unfitting shoes: footwear fashions and social mobility in colonial Peru
Feminine footwear fashions changed from the sixteenth through the eighteenth century in colonial Peru. Through a variety of textual and visual sources, this essay focuses on footwear fashions and the
Indigenous Andean Women in Colonial Textual Discourses
Latin American and Iberian Institute Ph.D. Fellowship, University of New Mexico. Elka Klein Travel Grant, University of Judaism. Research Travel Project, University of New Mexico. Tinker
The Perceptions of the Bison in the Chronicles of the Spanish Northern Frontier
The American bison is a distant relative of ox-like animals known as the Indian water buffalo and the European bison, Bison bonasus (or wisent), for which some name it bison and others buffalo.