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BACKGROUND Refractive status at birth is related to gestational age. Preterm babies have myopia which decreases as gestational age increases and term babies are known to be hypermetropic. This study looked at the correlation of refractive status with birth weight in term and preterm babies, and with physical indicators of intra-uterine growth such as the(More)
PURPOSE The refractive status of premature infants is not well studied. This study was done to find the norms of refractive error in newborns at different gestational ages. METHODS One thousand two hundred three (1203) eyes were examined for refractive error by streak retinoscopy within the first week of life between June 2001 and September 2002.(More)
The trichorhinophalangeal syndrome associated with laxity of the skin and joints has been mistaken for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (Jones 1988). We report a case of the trichorhinophalangeal syndrome which we mistook for the Larsen syndrome. Literature and published photographs of the Larsen syndrome are reviewed to highlight the similarities between these two(More)
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