Sara V Smucker Barnwell

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BACKGROUND Phone-based tobacco cessation programs have been proven effective and widely adopted. Web-based solutions exist; however, the evidence base is not yet well established. Many cessation treatments are commercially available, but few integrate the phone and Web for delivery and no published studies exist for integrated programs. OBJECTIVE This(More)
The link between cannabis use and cannabis dependence remains poorly understood. Some people use cannabis regularly without signs of dependence; others show dependence despite using less. This study examined alcohol consumption as a moderator of this association. A sample of 476 people (primarily Caucasian men) who used cannabis at least once per week(More)
The present study confirmed findings that alcohol moderates the link between cannabis use and dependence. The study examined a large, diverse national sample of 856 people who consumed cannabis and alcohol at least twice per week. The study possesses several methodological improvements over past research, including less subjective measures of cannabis use(More)
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