Sara V. Rodríguez

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This paper describes a supervised learning approach to sow-activity classification from accelerometer measurements. In the proposed methodology, pairs of accelerometer measurements and activity types are considered as labeled instances of a usual supervised classification task. Under this scenario sow-activity classification can be approached with standard(More)
25 Even though several sow replacement models have been published, integrating 26 information about the health status of sows has not yet been handled satisfactorily. This 27 paper presents a framework for integrating a Weak Sow Index (WSI) into an existing 28 sow replacement model. The WSI, which is developed as part of this study, quantifies 29 various(More)
In this paper we analyze several cases related to three different Spanish universities that make use of the World Wide Web to teach simulation courses online. These universities are the Open University of Catalonia, the University of Lleida and the Public University of Navarre. At these three universities different infrastructures, tools and learning models(More)
Pork is the most widely consumed meat worldwide. In the last years, the pork industry has been faced several challenges mostly related with consumer demands about safety, quality, environment, low prices, animal welfare and sustainability of the product. Hence, the structure of the pork industry has been changing in order to adapt production to those(More)
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