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This study examined the variables that contribute to the large individual differences in the speech perception skills of children with the Nucleus multichannel cochlear implant. Sixty-one children were tested on four measures of speech perception: two tests of closed-set word recognition, one test of open-set recognition of phrases, and one open-set(More)
The acquisition of speech perception and speech production skills emerges over a protracted time course in congenitally deaf children with multichannel cochlear implants (CI). Only through comprehensive, longitudinal studies can the full impact of cochlear implantation be assessed. In this study, the performance of CI users was examined longitudinally on a(More)
Analyses were performed on the spontaneous speech samples produced by profoundly hearing-impaired children who used the 3M/House single-channel cochlear implant (n = 7), the Nucleus multichannel cochlear implant (n = 7), or the two-channel tactile aid, the Tactaid II (n = 12). Speech recordings were obtained in the predevice condition, and after 6- and(More)
The speech perception abilities of 37 children with cochlear implants (single-channel or multichannel) were examined as a function of age at onset of deafness. There was no significant difference in the speech perception abilities of implanted children who were born deaf and those of implanted children who lost their hearing during the first 3 years of(More)
The Department of Defense invests considerable money in recruiting and training new military recruits who are discharged for mental health reasons before completing their first enlistment, often within the first 6 months of active duty. The purpose of this study was to provide a description of 1,138 Air Force recruits referred for a mental health evaluation(More)
A significant proportion of people entering the military are discharged within the first 6 months of enlistment. Mental health related problems are often cited as the cause of discharge. This study evaluated the utility of stress inoculation training in helping reduce the attrition of a sample of Air Force trainees at risk for discharge from basic military(More)
The purpose of this longitudinal study is to document improvements in speech intelligibility in children who have received multichannel cochlear implants, to compare their performance to that of a matched group of children with different levels of hearing loss who use conventional hearing aids. Speech intelligibility was measured by panels of listeners who(More)
Perceptual skills were evaluated at two intervals of cochlear implant (CI) use in 24 children with prelingual deafness who received the Nucleus multichannel CI. Their performance was compared to that of age-matched children with prelingual profound hearing losses who used conventional hearing aids (HAs). The HA subjects were grouped by unaided thresholds:(More)
The mechanism(s) by which ethanol or nicotine produces dependency and withdrawal symptoms during abstinence is poorly understood. In addition, it has been observed that a high correlation exists between ethanol intake and smoking. Therefore, studies were undertaken to evaluate aversion to the open arms of the elevated plus-maze and the modification of(More)