Sara Tedmori

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Many fast search motion estimation algorithms have been developed to reduce the computational cost required by fullsearch algorithms. Fast search motion estimation techniques often converge to a local minimum, providing a significant reduction in computational cost. The motion vector measurement process in fast search algorithms is subject to noise and(More)
Signatures are imperative biometric attributes of humans that have long been used for authorization purposes. Most organizations primarily focus on the visual appearance of the signature for verification purposes. Many documents, such as forms, contracts, bank cheques, and credit card transactions require the signing of a signature. Therefore, it is of(More)
The advancement of technology allows video acquisition devices to have a better performance, thereby increasing the number of applications that can effectively utilize digital video. Compared to still images, video sequences provide more information about how objects and scenarios change over time. Tracking humans is of interest for a variety of(More)
Lossless encryption methods are more applicable than lossy encryption methods when marginal distortion is not tolerable. In this research, the authors propose a novel lossless symmetric key encryption/decryption technique. In the proposed algorithm, the image is transformed into the frequency domain using the Haar wavelet transform, then the image sub-bands(More)
The principle objective of image enhancement is to process an image so that the result is more suitable than the original image for a specific application. This paper presents a novel hybrid method for enhancing digital X-Ray radiograph images by seeking optimal spatial and frequency domain image enhancement combinations. The selected methods from the(More)
The science of cryptography has recently attracted significant attention, as progressively more information is stored and transmitted in electronic form. Cryptography is the discipline of using codes to encrypt data into an unreadable format that only the targeted recipients can decrypt and read. Encryption methods can be divided into two categories: lossy(More)
With the advent of online data, sentiment analysis has received growing attention in recent years. Sentiment analysis aims to determine the overall sentiment orientation of a speaker or writer towards a specific entity or towards a specific feature of a specific entity. A fundamental task of sentiment analysis is sentiment classification, which aims to(More)
The large amount of bandwidth that is required for the transmission or storage of digital videos is the main incentive for researchers to develop algorithms that aim at compressing video data (digital images) whilst keeping their quality as high as possible. Motion estimation algorithms are used for video compression as they reduce the memory requirements(More)