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First human case of Usutu virus neuroinvasive infection, Italy, August-September 2009.
We report the first worldwide case of Usutu virus (USUV) neuroinvasive infection in a patient with diffuse large B cell lymphoma who presented with fever and neurological symptoms and was diagnosedExpand
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Genomic characterization of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria
Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium leprae have remained, for many years, the primary species of the genus Mycobacterium of clinical and microbiological interest. The other members of theExpand
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Usutu virus infections in humans: a retrospective analysis in the municipality of Modena, Italy.
OBJECTIVE To monitor the spread and to evaluate the role for public health of Usutu virus (USUV) in an endemic area of Italy. METHODS The survey was retrospectively conducted by detecting USUV RNAExpand
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Prevalence of Human Herpesvirus‐6 Chromosomal Integration (CIHHV‐6) in Italian Solid Organ and Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant Patients
The unique phenomenon of human herpesvirus‐6 (HHV‐6) chromosomal integration (CIHHV‐6) may account for clinical drawbacks in transplant setting, being misinterpreted as active infection and leadingExpand
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Evaluation of the Abbott Real-Time HIV-1 quantitative assay with dried blood spot specimens.
The Abbott Real-Time HIV-1 assay was evaluated for its performance in quantification of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) RNA in dried blood spot (DBS) samples. In total, 169 blood samplesExpand
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The new phylogeny of the genus Mycobacterium: The old and the news.
BACKGROUND Phylogenetic studies of bacteria have been based so far either on a single gene (usually the 16S rRNA) or on concatenated housekeeping genes. For what concerns the genus MycobacteriumExpand
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Serratia marcescens in a neonatal intensive care unit: two long-term multiclone outbreaks in a 10-year observational study.
We investigated two consecutive Serratia marcescens (S. marcescens) outbreaks which occurred in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of a tertiary level hospital in North Italy in a period of 10Expand
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The new phylogenesis of the genus Mycobacterium
Abstract Phylogenetic knowledge of the genus Mycobacterium is based on comparative analysis of their genetic sequences. The 16S rRNA has remained for many years the only target of such analyses, butExpand
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Characterization of 17 strains belonging to the Mycobacterium simiae complex and description of Mycobacterium paraense sp. nov.
Fourteen mycobacterial strains isolated from pulmonary samples of independent patients in the state of Pará (Brazil), and three strains isolated in Italy, were characterized using a polyphasicExpand
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Prevalence of Usutu and West Nile virus antibodies in human sera, Modena, Italy, 2012
A collection of 3069 human sera collected in the area of the municipality of Modena, Emilia Romagna, Italy, was retrospectively investigated for specific antibodies against Usutu (USUV) and West NileExpand
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