Sara Susca

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— In this paper we propose and analyze an algorithm to monitor an environmental boundary with mobile sensors. The objective is to optimally approximate the boundary with a polygon. The mobile sensors rely only on sensed local information to position some interpolation points and define an approximating polygon. We design an algorithm that distributes the(More)
—A novel method is developed to obtain a refined estimate of relative position and orientation (pose) from two views captured by a calibrated monocular camera. Due to the typically large number of matched pairs of feature points available, many estimates of the pose are possible by taking minimal sets of feature points. Among such estimates, the proposed(More)
This paper analyzes a discrete-time algorithm to synchronize a group of agents moving back and forth on a ring. Each agent or " bead " changes direction upon encountering another bead moving in the opposite direction. Communication is sporadic: two beads are able to exchange information only when they come sufficiently close. This allows agents to update(More)
The subjects of this paper are descent algorithms to optimally approximate a strictly convex contour with a polygon. This classic geometric problem is relevant in interpolation theory and data compression, and has potential applications in robotic sensor networks. We design gradient descent laws for intuitive performance metrics such as the area of the(More)
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