Sara Stolyarova

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The phenomenon of enhanced nucleation and crystallization of proteins on porous silicon (PS) is theoretically studied and explained. The PS layer is treated as a fractal structure, and a new mechanism of local supersaturation associated with the fractality is proposed. It is shown that the number of adsorbed molecules on a fragment with a fractal surface(More)
—A novel composite porous silicon/polysilicon micro-cantilever for biosensing applications with enhanced sensitivity is reported. It is fabricated by surface micromachining of polysilicon cantilevers followed by the formation of the surface porous layer after release by Reaction Induced Vapor Phase Stain Etch. The mi-crocantilevers with porous surface layer(More)
SUMMARY CMOS poly-Si thin-film transistors (TFTs) were fabricated through crystallization and GILD processes by a novel selected area laser assisted (SALA) system. The system enables a local area irradiation of small beams of a pulsed solid-state laser of frequency tripled Nd:YAG. The novel TFT process eliminated 3 doping mask steps of the conventional(More)
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