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Building Memory Representations for Exemplar-Based Judgment: A Role for Ventral Precuneus
Results are interpreted such that the ventral precuneus supports the aspects of exemplar-based processes that are related to episodic memory, tentatively by building, storing, and being implicated in retrieving memory representations for judgment.
Retrieval practice facilitates learning by strengthening processing in both the anterior and posterior hippocampus
A large number of behavioral studies show that retrieval practice is a powerful way of strengthening learning of new information. Repeated retrieval might support long‐term retention in a
A Similarity-Based Process for Human Judgment in the Parietal Cortex
The results are interpreted such that similarity-based processes are engaged in parallel to rule-based-processes, a finding with direct implications for cognitive theories of judgment.
Active math and grammar learning engages overlapping brain networks
Common neurocognitive long-term memory effects of active learning that generalize over course subjects (mathematics and vocabulary) are demonstrated by the use of fMRI to indicate that active learning conditions stimulate common processes that become part of the representations and can be reactivated during retrieval to support performance.
Effects on brain activity after creative mathematical reasoning when considering individual differences in cognitive ability
Higher brain activity in key regions for mathematical cognition such as left angular gyrus and left inferior frontal gyrus on tasks previously learnt with CMR compared to AR is observed, suggesting that encouraging pupils to engage in constructive processes when learning mathematical reasoning might have lasting beneficial effects.
Exemplar-effects in rule-based multiple-cue judgment under time pressure
The field of multiple-cue judgment focuses on the cognitive representations and processes involved in tasks where people need to integrate information across several cues into a judgment on a singl
Retrieval Practice Is Effective Regardless of Self-Reported Need for Cognition - Behavioral and Brain Imaging Evidence
There is an emerging consensus that retrieval practice is a powerful way to enhance long-term retention and to reduce achievement gaps in school settings. Less is known whether retrieval practice
Similarity-based processes in human multiple-cue judgment : evidence from brain imaging and cognitive modelling
Background: We often make judgments that require the consideration of several sources of information. For example, a teacher that grades a student´s exam question often integrates multiple sources ...