Sara Shahzad

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In this paper we describe adaptations to the classical Extreme Programming (XP) process. The approach described integrates HCI (human computer interaction) instruments. The implemented HCI instruments are: user studies, extreme personas (a variation of the personas approach), usability expert evaluations, usability tests, and automated usability(More)
The main objective of this research is to design and develop a new mobile application that Learning Approach using mobile applications is still not very User Interface Design. Mobile Multimedia Application: An Iterative Approach. user interface for mobile learning applications is proposed. The requirements for mobile user interface are defined and a(More)
A software development process is required not only to guide and structure the development activity but at the same time it should allow improvement in the process itself. Agile development methodologies are said to be flexible and adaptive to the context in which these are applied. This flexibility and adaptability makes experimentation with the process(More)
This paper proposes a feature selection technique for software clustering which can be used in the architecture recovery of software systems. The recovered architecture can then be used in the subsequent phases of software maintenance, reuse and re-engineering. A number of diverse features could be extracted from the source code of software systems,(More)
The success of a software development project is associated not only with tools and technologies, but it also depends on how much the development process helps to be user-centered and developer-oriented. Involving customers in the process and being people-oriented, Extreme Programming (XP)– One of the popular agile methods – can be a choice for developing a(More)
Increasing use of Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) has raised the issues related with the security of software components. Several methodologies are being used to evaluate security of software components and that of the base system with which it is integrated. Security characteristics of a component must be specified effectively and(More)
SOA is a latest architecture for softwares and a lot of tools are available to implement this architecture. Critics of cyclomatic complexity argue that complexity changes with modularization of code. If the technology is shifted from linear programming to OOP and SOA, the complexity of code will also change. The cyclomatic complexity was for the first time(More)