Sara Schwartz

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Hamovitch PI 2 Longtime mental health director joins school, will help launch DSW program and veterans clinic Research reveals more teens are using alternatives to cigarettes like hookah and electronic cigarettes 6 National experts gather at USC to discuss homelessness and its effects on women 8 Bridge | continued on page 10 Practice and research are two(More)
We have developed a graph-based data model called the Hypernode Model whose single data structure is the <italic>hypernode</italic>, a directed graph whose nodes may themselves reference further directed graphs. A prototype database system supporting this model is being developed at London University as part of a project whose aims are threefold: (i) to(More)
The present study is the first to examine relationships between alexithymia and trait emotional intelligence (trait El or trait emotional self-efficacy) at the phenotypic, genetic, and environmental levels. The study was also conducted to resolve inconsistencies in previous twin studies that have provided estimates of the extent to which genetic and(More)
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