Sara Salevati

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This paper describes the conceptual and implementation shift from a creative research-based evolutionary system to a real-world evolutionary system for professional designers. The initial system, DarwinsGaze, is a Creative Genetic Programing system based on creative cognition theories. It generated artwork that 10,000’s of viewers perceived as human-created(More)
Is it possible using photographs as source (e.g., selfies of users) to affect and enhance mood, emotion and creativity by creating AI based “digital painters” that can create art painting output that is deemed to convey a certain mood from any source photograph (user face portraits, dancers in moment)? The goal of this research is to use our Creative(More)
The goal of our research is to enhance the traditional museum viewer experience by constructing an interactive exhibition piece where viewers can emotionally interact with the act of creating a fine art painting. Through our interactive Creative Artificial Intelligence System (CAIS) which generates art portraiture, we try to recognize what our users are(More)
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