Sara Ramalho

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Mathematical models, namely the flow boundary conditions, as well as the detail of the bounding geometry, can highly influence the computed flow field. In this work, an anatomically realistic portion of cerebral vasculature with a saccular aneurysm, and its geometric idealisation, are considered. The importance of the geometric description, namely including(More)
  • Esmeralda A Ramalho, Joaquim J S Ramalho, Carlos Brás, Daniel Santos, Erwin Diewert, João Santos Silva +3 others
  • 2011
Hedonic methods are a prominent approach in the construction of house price indexes. This paper investigates in a comprehensive way whether or not there exists any kind of link between the type of price index to be computed (Dutot or Jevons) and the form of hedonic functions, hedonic methods and estimation methods, with a link being defined as a specific(More)
  • Esmeralda A Ramalho, Joaquim J S Ramalho, S Ramalho
  • 2009
Binary response index models may be affected by several forms of misspecifica-tion, which range from pure functional form problems (e.g. incorrect specification of the link function, neglected heterogeneity, heteroskedasticity) to various types of sampling issues (e.g. covariate measurement error, response misclassification, endogenous stratification,(More)
  • Esmeralda A Ramalho, Joaquim J S Ramalho, S Ramalho
  • 2015
New panel data estimators are proposed for logit and complementary loglog fractional regression models. The standard specifications of these models are transformed into a form of exponential regression with multiplicative individual effects and time-variant heterogeneity, from which six alternative estimators that do not require assumptions on the(More)
Inferior alveolar nerve block is used to anesthetize the ipsilateral mandible. The most commonly used technique is one in which the anesthetic is injected directly into the pterygomandibular space, by an intraoral approach. The fracture of the needle, although uncommon, can lead to potentially serious complications. The needle is usually found in the(More)
  • Joaquim J S Ramalho, Rui M S Rita, Jacinto Vidigal, Da Silva, S Ramalho
  • 2013
In this paper we examine the influence of family ownership and firm size on two distinct financial leverage decisions: the probability of using debt; and, conditional on its use, the proportion of debt issued. Overall, we find a significant positive effect of family ownership on both decisions; a significant positive effect of firm size on the probability(More)
  • Esmeralda A Ramalho, Joaquim J S Ramalho, S Ramalho
  • 2012
In this paper we suggest simple moment-based estimators to deal with unobserved het-erogeneity in nonlinear regression models that treat observed and omitted covariates in a similar manner. The results derived in the paper apply to a class of regression models that includes as particular cases exponential and logit and complementary loglog fractional(More)
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