Sara Rafiei

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In this study, alginate microspheres containing BCG were prepared at a diameter of approximately 10 microm by emulsification-internal gelation of an alginate-BCG solution dispersed in olive oil using a high rate speed stirrer. The stability of BCG was assayed at 4 degrees C showing that the encapsulated BCG was more stable than free BCG at least for 5(More)
Supplying a sufficient amount of available Fe for plant growth in hydroponic nutrient solutions is a great challenge. The chelators commonly used to supply Fe in nutrient solutions have several disadvantages and may negatively affect plant growth. In this research study we have synthesized certain Iron by 1,10-phenanthroline [(Fe(phen)3)(Cl2·L4)] (L =(More)
We present a method to calculate the One-loop mass correction to Kinks mass in a (1 + 1)-dimensional field theoretical model in which the fluctuation potential V (φc) has shape invariance property. We use the generalized zeta function regularization method to implement our setup for describing quantum kink states. PACS: 11.27.+d, 11.30.Pb, 03.65.Fd
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