Sara R. Hanscom

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Several protein families control intracellular transport processes in eukaryotic cells. Here, we show that the Rab11 GTPase effector protein Rab11-FIP3 (henceforth, FIP3) directly interacts with the dynein light intermediate chain 1 (DLIC-1, gene symbol DYNC1LI1) subunit of the cytoplasmic dynein 1 motor protein complex. We show that Rab11a, FIP3 and DLIC-1(More)
The mechanochemical forces that move and position intracellular organelles and their intermediates in eukaryotic cells are provided by molecular motor proteins which include the cytoplasmic dynein-1 motor complex. Recently, we identified the Rab11 GTPase effector protein Rab11-FIP3 (henceforth, FIP3) as a novel binding-partner for dynein light intermediate(More)
The Rab11-FIPs (Rab11-family interacting proteins; henceforth, FIPs) are a family of Rab11a/Rab11b/Rab25 GTPase effector proteins implicated in an assortment of intracellular trafficking processes. Through proteomic screening, we have identified TSG101 (tumor susceptibility gene 101), a component of the ESCRT-I (endosomal sorting complex required for(More)
CD-1 (cytoplasmic dynein-1) is a multisubunit motor protein complex involved in intracellular trafficking and mitosis. The dynein LIC (light intermediate chain) subunits, LIC1 (DLIC-1, gene symbol DYNC1LI1) and LIC2 (DLIC-2, gene symbol DYNC1LI2), associate with the dynein HC (heavy chain) in a mutually exclusive manner and thus define distinct functional(More)
Rab small GTPases are the master regulators of intracellular trafficking in eukaryotes. They mediate spatial and temporal recruitment of effector proteins to distinct cellular compartments through GTP-induced changes in their conformation. Despite numerous structural studies, the molecular basis for Rab/effector specificity and subsequent biological(More)
Co-ordination of Rab GTPase function has emerged as a crucial mechanism in the control of intracellular trafficking processes in eukaryotic cells. Here, we show that GRAB/Rab3IL1 [guanine nucleotide exchange factor for Rab3A; RAB3A interacting protein (rabin3)-like 1], a protein that has previously be shown to act as a GEF (guanine nucleotide exchange(More)
Rab GTPases recruit effector proteins, via their GTP-dependent switch regions, to distinct subcellular compartments. Rab11 and Rab25 are closely related small GTPases that bind to common effectors termed the Rab11 family of interacting proteins (FIPs). The FIPs are organized into two subclasses (class I and class II) based on sequence and domain(More)
Rab proteins are a family of small GTPases involved in a variety of cellular processes. The Rab11 subfamily in particular directs key steps of intracellular functions involving vesicle trafficking of the endosomal recycling pathway. This Rab subfamily works through a series of effector proteins including the Rab11-FIPs (Rab11 Family-Interacting Proteins).(More)
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