Sara R Friedman

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An information retrieval system using relevance feedback to modify the document space is proposed. A suitable algorithm is exhibited that achieves high precision and recall. 1. The Problem An information retrieval system can be viewed as consisting of a document collection together with procedures for accessing and retrieving the documents in the(More)
Clinicians often resent behavioral health managed care peer reviews. However, such reviews need not be onerous. This Open Forum, written by managed care physician reviewers, attempts to help attending psychiatrists, specifically those on inpatient units, achieve more satisfying outcomes for patients by adhering to a few basic principles. Beyond the(More)
We used the technology and principles of adult learning to enhance a one-day geroneuropsychology rotation for internal medicine residents in a busy neuropsychology clinic. We created a multimedia Microsoft PowerPoint presentation highlighting the role of neuropsychology in the medical care of older adults. We added an active learning experience in which the(More)
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