Sara R Cohen

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When implants and natural teeth are combined, forces on the abutments need to be controlled so that neither the teeth nor the implants sustain excessive amounts of force. The technique described addresses reduction of potentially harmful cantilever effects in a fixed prosthesis that is facultatively removable. A nonrigid attachment is used in the implant(More)
With the advent of the Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant, both maternal and child health programs and crippled children's (CC) programs at the State level have assumed greater responsibility for identifying populations in need, planning appropriate services for them, and monitoring progress toward program objectives. To determine the(More)
An implant-supported prosthesis is often secured to the underlying gold cylinders by retaining screws. There must be access to these screws from the oral surface of the prosthesis. Conventional preparation of this access is from the oral surface. This approach is difficult because the underlying gold cylinder is obscured. It may be damaged by a rotary(More)
A resin-bonded retainer with a custom-made attachment is an acceptable alternative for patients who have narrow anterior alveolar ridge defects. This restoration facilitates hygiene and satisfies the requirements of form, fit, function, and esthetics.
The record base for a multiple, implant-supported, fixed prosthesis may be attached to the implants by screws. The screw attachment provides a stable record base for recording maxillomandibular relationships. Extraoral adjustment of the occlusion rim requires that it be unscrewed to allow removal from the mouth. The rim must be reattached with screws for(More)
In June 2012, the Canadian House of Commons passed the so-called omnibus budget bill, making several important changes to the governance of assisted reproduction in Canada. The bill (Bill C-38) was widely criticized for its unwieldy size and rapid passage through Parliament, preventing adequate parliamentary debate and public scrutiny. Given the substantive(More)
Im aktiven Transport der Aminosäureanalogen (α-Aminoisobuttersäure und Cyclopentan-1-aminocarbonsäure) in Gehirnschnitten folgt das Verhältnis im stationären Zustand zwischen der intrazellulären Konzentration und der Lösungskonzentration derFreundlich Adsorptionisotherme,C i =AC 0 n . Dieses Verhältnis stimmt mit dem Modell einer aktiven Pumpe, die der(More)
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