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To assist transport modeling in assessments of the radiological impact of a geological repository for radioactive wastes, the mobility of various elements was studied in arable and wetland soils in the Forsmark region, Sweden. Pore water and total element contents were determined for five types of unconsolidated deposits (regolith), spanning a wide range of(More)
For comfortable, minimal-stress restraint of Yucatan miniature swine, a heavy cotton duck sling reinforced with nylon webbing and covered with vinyl was used. The sling was designed with four leg openings and one hole for access to the anterior vena cava. Custom padding was used to line the leg holes and minimize chafing. Five sling sizes were developed for(More)
In order to assess the potential radiological risk to humans and the environment from a geological repository for radioactive waste, a safety assessment must be performed. This implies that the release and transfer of radionuclides from the repository into the surface environment are calculated and that the effects in the biosphere are evaluated for an(More)
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