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Divergent selection for heat loss (kcal.kg-.75.d-1), measured in 9- to 11-wk-old male mice, was conducted for 15 generations. Selection for high (MH) and low (ML) heat loss and unselected control (MC) occurred in each of three replicates for a total of nine unique lines. Feed intake in males was measured during Generations 9 through 15. Body mass at(More)
BACKGROUND Thyroid hormone is essential for normal mental and physical development in infancy and childhood and is dependent on adequate iodine intake. During the first few months of life, infants are reliant on breastmilk and/or infant formula as their sole sources of dietary iodine. The iodine status of U.S. infants has not been well studied. METHODS(More)
AIM To investigate the attitudes of healthcare professionals towards working with older people, including their perception of how other professionals perceived their work in gerontology. METHOD Data were collected using a 20-item Multifactorial Attitudes Questionnaire (MAQ) in the West of Scotland with a five-point Likert scale for responses ranging from(More)
Our aim was to further characterize the clinical concept of mild cognitive impairment (MCI). We examined the status of visual attention-related processing in such patients in relation to healthy older adults and patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) by measuring performance on a computer-based visual search task. We tested 20 older adult control(More)
BACKGROUND Older people in long-term residential care are at increased risk of medication prescribing and administration errors. The main aim of this study was to measure the incidence of medication administration errors in nursing and residential homes using a barcode medication administration (BCMA) system. METHODS A prospective study was conducted in(More)
Inflammation and altered autonomic function are diagnostic signs and symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. In the acute stages these are commonly at their most florid accompanied by severe pain and reduced function. Understandably this has directed research towards potential peripheral drivers for the causal mechanisms of this condition. In particular(More)
BACKGROUND A joint NHS-Local Authority initiative in England designed to provide a dedicated nursing and physiotherapy in-reach team (IRT) to four residential care homes has been evaluated. The IRT supported 131 residents and maintained 15 'virtual' beds for specialist nursing in these care homes. METHODS Data captured prospectively (July 2005 to June(More)
Traditionally, preoperative information has been provided to patients on admission, the day before surgery. This was thought not to be the ideal time. An exploratory pilot study was undertaken to evaluate a new information service for patients about to undergo cardiac surgery. Questionnaires were administered to 20 patients who had attended a pre-admission(More)
A study undertaken between January 2008 and December 2010 evaluated the effects of a pharmacy-led barcode medication system in care homes (with or without on-site registered nursing staff). The findings show that the system raised awareness of 'near miss' errors, particularly among nurses, and reduced stress and the pressure of medication rounds. Care staff(More)