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Conservationists often advocate for landscape approaches to wildlife management while others argue for physical separation between protected species and human communities, but direct empirical comparisons of these alternatives are scarce. We relate African lion population densities and population trends to contrasting management practices across 42 sites in(More)
Scent detection in an aquatic environment is dependent on the movement of water. We set out to determine the mechanisms for moving water through the olfactory organ of guitarfishes (Rhinobatidae, Chondrichthyes) with open nasal cavities. We found at least two. In the first mechanism, which we identified by observing dye movement in the nasal region of a(More)
The simultaneous time-resolved study of structure development and reaction kinetics during polymer processing is an experimental method that has great potential in developing a deeper understanding of the parameters that govern the formation of structure and therefore polymer properties. A combination of synchrotron radiation small-angle x-ray scattering(More)
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