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The principle of least privilege requires that users and their programs be granted the most restrictive set of privileges possible to perform required tasks in order to limit the damages caused by security incidents. Low-privileged user accounts (LUA) and user account control (UAC) in Windows Vista and Windows 7 are two practical implementations of this(More)
In order to improve current security solutions or devise novel ones, it is important to understand users’ knowledge, behaviour, motivations and challenges in using a security solution. However, achieving this understanding is challenging because of the limitations of current research methodologies. We have been investigating the experiences of users with(More)
Non-administrator user accounts and the user account control (UAC) approach of Windows Vista are two practical solutions to limit the damage of malware infection. UAC in Windows Vista supports usage of lower privilege accounts; a UAC prompt allows users to raise their privileges when required. We conducted a user study and contextual interviews to(More)
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