Sara Montegrosso

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This study evaluated the prevalence of anti-legionella antibodies in workers at hospitals with a long-term history of legionella contamination. The hospitals are located in Milan and Turin, northern Italy, and in Naples and Bari, southern Italy. Antibody prevalence and titres of healthcare workers, medical and dental students and blood donors were assessed.(More)
Emergency departments records from 33 hospitals were reviewed to disclose work-related injuries occurred in teen-subjects living in 14 Italian cities. During January-June 2000, 317 work-related injuries were reported. Male subjects, 17 year old, working in the industrial field, resulted the most affected, probably due to the fact that among young workers(More)
A multicentric Italian investigation on legionnaires' disease is in course to clarify host factors as well as pathogen associated characteristics involved in the infection/disease. The main goal of the research plan is to account for some critical aspects concerning identification and prevention of legionellosis. To improve knowledge on factors associated(More)
Despite legionellosis surveillance is active in Italy since many years, the disease notification appears still undervalued. A multicentric survey was carried out among 5 big Italian hospitals. It examined 11,435 discharge forms (1999-2001), reporting pneumonia diagnosis. Legionellosis (II class of notify system for infectious disease) was studied among(More)
The molecular epidemiology of Legionella pneumophila in the 'V. Monaldi' University Hospital was studied. Seven cases of nosocomial Legionnaires' disease were diagnosed between 1999 and 2003. Two clinical legionella strains obtained from two patients in the adult cardiac surgery unit (CSU) and 30 environmental legionella strains from the paediatric and(More)
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