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The duration that seeds stay vigorous during storage is difficult to predict but critical to seed industry and conservation communities. Production of volatile compounds from lettuce seeds during storage was investigated as a non-invasive and early detection method of seed ageing rates. Over 30 volatile compounds were detected from lettuce seeds during(More)
The influence of seed testa color, temperature and seed water content on dormancy release and seed viability loss in the endangered, endemic species Silene diclinis (Lag.) M. Laínz was evaluated. Dormant heterogeneous seeds (black, red and grey colored) were exposed to three different temperatures (5, 20, and 35°C) and two relative humidities (33 and 60%)(More)
We investigated genetic diversity and the mating system of the Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) in a wild population off the Portuguese coast. Approximately 100 individuals were screened for 2 microsatellite loci. For 11 ovigerous lobsters both the female and a sample of her offspring (24 eggs) were genotyped. High genetic diversity was observed for the(More)
The aim of the present study was to determine whether the loss of seed germination capacity and vigour in seeds of four wild Brassicaceae species (Brassica repanda, Moricandia arvensis, Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum and Sinapis alba) during ageing at 45°C and 90% relative humidity was related to changes in lipid peroxidation and membrane integrity. For all(More)
Major gaps in knowledge on fish larval nutritional requirements still remain. Small larval size, and difficulties in acceptance of inert microdiets, makes progress slow and cumbersome. This lack of knowledge in fish larval nutritional requirements is one of the causes of high mortalities and quality problems commonly observed in marine larviculture. In(More)
Maximising seed longevity is crucial for genetic resource preservation and longevity of orthodox seeds is determined by environmental conditions (water content and temperature). The effect of water content (down to 0.01 g·H₂O·g(-1) ) on seed viability was studied at different temperatures for a 5-year storage period in taxonomically related species. Seeds(More)
Marine macroalgae represent a valuable natural resource for bioactive phytochemicals with promising applications in therapeutics, although they remain largely under-exploited. In this work, the potential of two marine green macroalgae (Cladophora rupestris and Codium fragile) as a source of bioactive phenolic compounds was explored, and antioxidant,(More)
The nature and kinetics of reactions in dry seeds determines how long the seeds survive. We used gas chromatography to assay volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from seeds of three unrelated species as a means to non-invasively probe chemical changes during very dry, dry, and humid storage (seeds were dried to 5.5, 33, and 75% relative humidity at(More)
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