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This article extends psychological methods and concepts into a domain that is as profoundly consequential as it is poorly understood: intelligence analysis. We report findings from a geopolitical forecasting tournament that assessed the accuracy of more than 150,000 forecasts of 743 participants on 199 events occurring over 2 years. Participants were above(More)
This study takes into account the industrial requirements and focuses on design activities conducted through information and communication technologies. The aim of the study is to describe activities taking place during distributed, synchronous co-design, and to specify favorable conditions for the development of collaborative practices in product(More)
After being shown a prototype tablet programming environment, iFizz, children were asked to draw computer programs, either games or stories, that they would like to make with such an environment. The drawings in conjunction with the children's descriptions were then inspected to see what functions were missing from the programming environment in order to(More)
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