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ii c 2005 Mihai Stoiciu All Rights Reserved iii Acknowledgements I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my advisor, Professor Barry Simon, for his help and guidance during my graduate studies at Caltech. During the time I worked under his supervision, Professor Simon provided a highly motivating and challenging scientific environment, which was(More)
Food availability was arranged so that episodes of feeding were separated by long periods of deprivation. Distinctly different contexts were associated with each condition. For other animals, relatively short periods of deprivation stood in contrast to relatively long opportunities to free-feed, and were also embedded in widely differing physical contexts.(More)
Aldosterone diminishes the ability to endure starvation. Its exogenous administration to adrenalectomized rats advances the onset of hypothermia and death. The impairment seems to lie in an inability to mobilize energy stores fully: animals given the steroid are unable to lose weight at a normal rate. The findings help to establish the significance of(More)
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