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Given a simple graph G(V, E) and a set of traffic demands between the nodes of G, the Network Loading Problem consists of installing minimum cost integer capacities on the edges of G allowing routing of traffic demands. In this paper we study the Capacity Formulation of the Network Loading Problem, introducing the new class of Tight Metric Inequalities,(More)
The Double Traveling Salesman Problem with Multiple Stacks is a vehicle routing problem in which pickups and deliveries must be performed in two independent networks. The items are stored in stacks and repacking is not allowed. Given a pickup and a delivery tour, the problem of checking if there exists a valid distribution of items into s stacks of size h(More)
Several Mixed Integer Linear Programming problems present a formulation based on a great number of knapsack constraints. Problems widely addressed in literature with this structure are, among others, Generalized Assignment, Multiple Knapsack, Bin Packing, Capacitated P-median and Single Source Capacitated Facility Location. In general knapsack constraints(More)
The first exact approach to separate tight metric inequalities for the Network Loading problem is presented. A bilevel programming formulation for the separation problem is given, an algorithm is developed and computational results are discussed.