Sara Mackenzie

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0. Introduction Features which pattern as inert with respect to phonological processes are often unnecessary in distinguishing segments in an inventory. The relationship between phonological activity and contrastiveness has been modeled in theories of under-specification (e.g. Archangeli 1984, Steriade 1987). However, there is no consensus on how to(More)
BACKGROUND Contemporary education for medical students should be student-centred, integrated and contextualised. Small group learning promotes clinical reasoning and skills for lifelong learning. Simulation can provide experiential learning in a safe and controlled environment. We developed a weekly integrated problem-based learning and simulation programme(More)
I am proud to be a product of an excellent training system that builds trainees and fellows with an ongoing desire to learn. Dogmatic incorporation of external courses into training would be incongruent with medical education best practice principles upon which the new curriculum is founded. I am confident that our junior colleagues can – as we were – be(More)