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Depression and suicide are of increasing concern on college campuses. This article presents data from the College Health Intervention Projects on the frequency of depression and suicide ideation among 1,622 college students who accessed primary care services in 4 university clinics in the Midwest, Northwest, and Canada. Students completed the Beck(More)
The evaluation of paper prototypes is normally conducted in controlled settings such as a usability lab. This paper, in contrast, reports on a study where evaluations of a paper prototype were performed on the street with young adults. We discuss the merits of this approach and how it impacted the design process. A key finding is that the street location(More)
0. Introduction Features which pattern as inert with respect to phonological processes are often unnecessary in distinguishing segments in an inventory. The relationship between phonological activity and contrastiveness has been modeled in theories of under-specification (e.g. Archangeli 1984, Steriade 1987). However, there is no consensus on how to(More)
The rapid development of the undergraduate major in public health over the past 15 years has led to a debate about the most appropriate framing for the degree. Should it be viewed as a liberal education degree (akin to academic disciplines such as psychology and political science) or as a professional training degree (akin to disciplines such as nursing and(More)
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