Sara M Karjalainen

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AIM This was to study prospectively a cohort of children as to whether behaviour at a 3-year examination, exposure to medical care and operative dental treatment are associated with each other, and with the level of dental apprehension at 9 years of age. METHODS Data were collected at three subsequent dental examinations of 126 children (67 boys, 59(More)
Acidogenicity and the levels of mutans streptococci (MS) in dental plaque after the use of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG) and Lactobacillus reuteri were determined. The study had a randomised, double-blind, crossover design. Thirteen volunteers used tablets containing LGG or a combination of L. reuteri SD2112 and PTA 5289 for 2 weeks. At baseline and at(More)
OBJECTIVE Our recent studies suggest, that elevated calcium concentration of saliva is characteristic of periodontitis. In this study we analyzed the effect of smoking on salivary calcium and bone density by comparing the level of salivary calcium and the ultrasound scale of bone density of heavy smokers to those of non-smokers. DESIGN Salivary samples(More)
Sucrose consumption data of the sucrose group (n = 33) of a 2-yr longitudinal study was plotted against salivary sucrase activity values obtained during this 2-yr period. The correlation coefficients varied between 0.194 and 0.551. The subjects were divided into high (greater than or equal to 10 mumol x min-1 x (10(-3)) and low (less than 10) sucrase(More)
UNLABELLED OBJECTIVES, DESIGN AND SUBJECTS: Earlier results on the effect of breastfeeding on the one hand, and non-nutritive sucking habits (pacifier and/or digit sucking) on the other, on the orofacial development of infants are inconclusive. Thus we studied the prevalence of malocclusions and their relationship to the duration of breastfeeding and to(More)
We describe results from a mutational analysis of the region of the dentin sialophosphoprotein (DSPP) gene encoding dentin phosphoprotein (DPP) in 12 families with dominantly inherited dentin diseases. In eight families (five mutations in the N-terminal third of DPP), the clinical and radiologic features were uniform and compatible with dentin dysplasia(More)
Salivary lipids are mostly glandular in origin, but some are believed to diffuse directly from serum. This diffusion and the role of salivary lipids in oral health have scarcely been studied. Therefore, the serum and saliva cholesterol concentrations and oral health were analyzed in a group of healthy adults (n = 139; 64 men and 75 women; 34.2 +/- 5.2 yrs).(More)
The use of electrocochleography (EcoG) is considered to be of clinical value in otological diagnosis. Non-invasive ear canal (EC) and tympanic membrane (TM) EcoG recording techniques, and invasive transtympanic (TT) technique are the methods used for objective assessment of cochlear function. In this study, eight adults (16 ears) with suspected Meniere's(More)