Sara M Henderson

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Cervical aerodigestive trauma is rare and most centers have a limited experience with its management. The purpose of this review was to study the epidemiology, diagnosis, and problems related to the early evaluation and management of these injuries. This was a retrospective study based on trauma registry and on chart, operative, radiological, and endoscopic(More)
A retrospective study was undertaken to determine the prevalence of different diseases in cats referred for investigation of chronic nasal disease, to identify historical, clinical and diagnostic features which may assist in making a diagnosis, and to provide information pertaining to outcome in these cats. Diagnoses included neoplasia (30 cases), chronic(More)
This report details clinical, histopathological and immunohistochemical findings in 18 cats with chronic nasal disease diagnosed as nasal lymphoma. Eight of the cats were female and 10 were male, with a median age of 10.5 years (range 7-14 years). Three of the cats were Siamese, one was Burmese, and the rest were non-pedigree. The duration of clinical signs(More)
An 18-month-old domestic short-haired neutered male cat presented with a nodular dermal thickening on a digit. Biopsy demonstrated pyogranulomatous inflammation with moderately frequent acid-fast bacilli. A member of theMycobacterium terrae complex was isolated. There was no evidence of systemic involvement. Treatment was initiated with enrofloxacin,(More)
Genomic mapping studies frequently employ retrovirus-mediated transfer of dominant selectable markers to specific target chromosomes. DNA probes containing sequences adjacent to inserted proviruses are valuable mapping tools in such studies. We have implemented a strategy for amplification of chromosomal sequences flanking the 5' LTR of MoMuLV-based(More)
Polydipsia, defined as a water intake of over 100 ml/kg/day, is a common presenting medical complaint in dogs. Polydipsia can be secondary (eg, to central or nephrogenic diabetes insipidus) or primary in origin, where increased water intake cannot be explained as a response to obligatory water loss. Primary polydipsia is confirmed by ruling out other known(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the ventricular rate response of rate-adaptive (VVIR) pacemakers in dogs using a multi-stage exercise test. METHODS The rate-responsiveness of VVIR pacemakers was assessed in seven dogs with complete atrioventricular (AV) block and implanted with various models of pulse generators (six motion sensors and one automatic dual-sensor(More)
A method has been developed to display Doppler spectral waveforms in lower extremity vein grafts in conjunction with 3-D vessel geometry. Doppler spectral waveforms and cross-sectional images of the vein graft are collected with a custom 3-D ultrasound imaging system. Computer processing generates a display of the Doppler sample volumes registered in 3-D(More)
Subjects for this study were 13 hospitalized patients given the diagnosis of adjustment reaction to adolescence. The subjects were randomly divided into experimental and control groups. The experimental period consisted of 18 1-hour sessions. Subjects in the control group did not attend music therapy activities. Experimental subjects engaged in group(More)
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