Sara M. Grimes

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This article explores how online multiplayer digital games are used as a venue for the negotiation of intellectual property rights. Recent disputes between players and creators are contributing to both a shift in contemporary notions about the nature and limits of copyright and a growing relationship between virtual leisure and real-world economics. A brief(More)
This paper was inspired by the popularity of female video game protagonists despite girls' and women's continued hesitance to participate in digital gaming activities. The pilot study examines how the imagery and narrative structure of popular, contemporary video games construct a paradigm of the ideal female heroine. An in-depth content analysis of three(More)
The world order of child and youth media has traditionally been onein which adults create the media content that is then selected andconsumed by young people and their families. Much of the debatesurrounding children's media concerns the author's responsibilityto produce moral, educational, and healthy media messages, whichare believed to have varying(More)
Although it has been in existence for over three decades, the Internet remains a contested technology. Its governance and role in civic life, education, and entertainment are all still openly disputed and debated. The issues include censorship and network control, privacy and surveillance, the political impact of activist blogging, peer to peer file(More)
M.B. Chadwick, ∗ E. Dupont, E. Bauge, A. Blokhin, O. Bouland, D.A. Brown, R. Capote, A. Carlson, Y. Danon, C. De Saint Jean, M. Dunn, U. Fischer, R.A. Forrest, S.C. Frankle, T. Fukahori, Z. Ge, S.M. Grimes, G.M. Hale, M. Herman, A. Ignatyuk, M. Ishikawa, N. Iwamoto, O. Iwamoto, M. Jandel, R. Jacqmin, T. Kawano, S. Kunieda, A. Kahler, B. Kiedrowski, I.(More)
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