Sara Lumbreras

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Most pairwise comparison (PC) methods typically require the explicit elicitation of only half of the comparisons, and infer the rest by assuming reciprocity in the decision maker’s comparisons. However, this may imply losing useful information contained in the additional comparisons that could be made, and which might be different from the first ones. This(More)
The deregulation of power markets gave origin to a new activity: the retail business. Although it should, together with generation, be opened to competition, its implementation has been usually postponed to the last stages of the liberalization process. The diversity of situations that can be found in the international experience illustrates the lack of(More)
Machine Ethics has established itself as a new discipline that studies how to endow autonomous devices with ethical behavior. This paper provides a general framework for classifying the different approaches that are currently being explored in the field of machine ethics and introduces considerations that are missing from the current debate. In particular,(More)
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