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Docosahexaenoic acid [22:6 omega 3; 22:6-(4,7,10,13,16,19)] is the major polyunsaturated fatty acid in the photoreceptor membranes of the retina and in cerebral gray matter. It must be obtained either from the diet or by synthesis from other omega 3 fatty acids, chiefly alpha-linolenic acid (18:3 omega 3). We tested the effect of dietary omega 3 fatty acid(More)
The recent pattern of immigration from Indochina and Latin America to the United States suggests that tuberculosis will remain a significant public health problem. Two infants recently seen with probable congenital tuberculosis prompted critical evaluation of the 24 cases of congenital tuberculosis reported in the English literature since the introduction(More)
The response to intravenous challenge with sheep erythrocytes was determined in Sprague-Dawley rats following autotransplantation of splenic tissue into the subcutaneous tissue, peritoneal cavity, or a surgically created omental pouch. There was a marked rise in heterophil antibody titer following intravenous challenge in ten control animals, and no rise in(More)
Foreign body ingestion is a common occurrence in the pediatric population. Frequent culprits include coins, toys, sharp objects and bones, which most often pass spontaneously. Magnet ingestion, however, can be a serious matter, especially when more than one is taken in. The extremely strong magnetic force between multiple magnets may result in numerous(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronic low-dose cabergoline treatment for microprolactinoma may cause cardiac valve pathology, but the evidence is contradictory. We investigated whether the expectation of the echocardiographer could influence the report. METHODS Transthoracic echocardiograms from 40 patients aged 49·3 ± 9·6 (mean ± SD) years (Men:Women 7:33) on long-term(More)
PURPOSE While many studies investigate the cytoskeletal properties of the lens with respect to cataract development, examinations of how these molecular structures interact are few. Myosin light chain kinase (MLCK), actin, and myosin are present on the crystalline lenses of chickens. The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether contractile(More)
For the first manned flight of Hermes there will be a capability of performing EVA. The European EVA Space Suit will be an anthropomorphic system with an internal pressure of 500 hPa of pure oxygen. The pressure reduction from the Hermes cabin pressure of 1013 hPa will induce a risk for Decompression Sickness (DCS) for the EVA crewmember if no adequate(More)
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