Sara L Wright

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BACKGROUND One of the principal theories regarding the biological basis of major depressive disorder (MDD) implicates a dysregulation of emotion-processing circuitry. Gender differences in how emotions are processed and relative experience with emotion processing might help to explain some of the disparities in the prevalence of MDD between women and men.(More)
Dementia and depression are frequently comorbid among older adult patients. Depression is related to cognitive decrement and can even represent the first signs of a neurodegenerative process. It can be difficult to distinguish depressed patients exhibiting the first signs of dementia from those whose cognition will improve with treatment. In this article,(More)
Depression predicts fall risk among older adults, and this relationship may be partially explained by depression-associated executive dysfunction, relevant to navigating demanding environments. This pilot study examined timed stepping accuracy under simple and complex dual-task conditions, using an instrumented walkway based on the Trail Making Test.(More)
A review of studies examining the fear-affiliation relationship revealed that none had ever observed groups in interaction while awaiting a fearful event. It was predicted that such groups would, consistent with individual member's previously studied affiliative preferences, spend more time interacting in the service of social comparison needs than would(More)
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