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Health-compromising lifestyles involve stable patterns of behavior and are associated with high-risk social environments and accelerated developmental trajectories. Developmentally, antisocial behavior is associated with such lifestyles. Mediational models predicting a measure of lifetime average sexual risk behavior assessed over a 10-year period (from(More)
Social learning models of the intergenerational transmission of aggression were tested for an at-risk sample of young adult men who entered a longitudinal study (Oregon Youth Study) in Grade 4 and were assessed with a female partner in young adulthood (17-20 years old). The associations of 2 family process variables--parental dyadic aggression and unskilled(More)
Phase I whole sediment toxicity identification evaluation (TIE) methods have been developed to characterize the cause of toxicity as organic chemicals, metals, or ammonia. In Phase II identification treatments, resins added to whole sediment to reduce toxicity caused by metals and organics can be separated and eluted much like solid-phase extraction (SPE)(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate resident case volume after discontinuation of a laparoscopic surgery fellowship, and to examine disparities in patient care over the same time period. METHODS Resident case logs were compared for a 2-year period before and 1 year after discontinuing the fellowship, using a 2-sample t test. Databases for bariatric and esophageal(More)
BACKGROUND In domains other than language, there is fairly consistent diagnostic terminology to refer to children's developmental difficulties. For instance, the terms 'dyslexia', 'attention deficit hyperactivity disorder' and 'autistic spectrum disorder' are used for difficulties with reading, attention or social cognition, respectively. There is no agreed(More)
To our knowledge there have been no previous studies that have examined the effect of short messaging service (SMS) text messaging reminders to both mobile and landlines on the 'did not attend' (DNA) rate in adult hospital clinic attendees. Our aim was to determine the effectiveness of a text messaging reminder in improving attendance in return general(More)
BACKGROUND Increasing evidence shows attachment security influences symptom expression and adaptation in people diagnosed with schizophrenia and other psychoses. AIMS To describe the distribution of secure and insecure attachment in a cohort of individuals with first-episode psychosis, and to explore the relationship between attachment security and(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Estimate costs for health and social care services in managing older people in the community who fall. METHOD AND RESULTS Analyses of predominantly national databases using cost of illness methodologies. In Scotland, 294,000 (34%) of people over 65 years and living in the community fall at least once a year. Of these 20%, almost 60,000(More)
The design for the Next Linear Collider (NLC) at SLAC is based on two 11.4 GHz linacs operating at an unloaded acceleration gradient of 50 MV/m increasing to 85 MV/m as the energy is increased from 1/2 TeV to 1 TeV in the center of mass[1]. During the past several years there has been tremendous progress on the development of 11.4 GHz (X-band) RF systems.(More)