Sara L. Ackerman

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OBJECTIVES This study sought to determine rates of dual disorders (psychiatric and substance use disorders) in a population of low-income inner-city outpatients, to compare the rates in outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment settings, and to examine the clinical usefulness of classifying patients with dual disorders into three subtypes. (More)
The cholinergic neurotoxin AF64A (ethylcholine mustard aziridinium) produced alterations in a spatial but not a nonspatial cognitive task following ICV injection. AF64A impaired acquisition and performance in the standard Morris water maze task, evidenced by significantly longer latencies to find the submerged platform. However, the AF64A group exhibited(More)
The ATP analog 5'-adenylyl imidodiphosphate (AMP-PNP) inhibits transcription of specific genes by the RNA polymerase II contained in whole cell extracts, not only with promoters that contain A as the first nucleotide of the transcript, but also with those that initiate transcripts with G or U. The analog AMP-PNP (a competitive inhibitor of ATP) probably(More)
Background. No in-depth qualitative research exists about the effects of therapeutic massage with children hospitalized to undergo hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT). The objective of this study is to describe parent caregivers' experience of the effects of massage/acupressure for their children undergoing HCT. Methods. We conducted a qualitative(More)
BACKGROUND Studies of the quality of tuberculosis (TB) diagnostic evaluation of patients in high burden countries have generally shown poor adherence to international or national guidelines. Health worker perspectives on barriers to improving TB diagnostic evaluation are critical for developing clinic-level interventions to improve guideline implementation.(More)
BACKGROUND Overuse of antibiotics for upper respiratory tract infections (URIs) and acute bronchitis is a persistent and vexing problem. In the U.S., more than half of all patients with upper respiratory tract infections and acute bronchitis are treated with antibiotics annually, despite the fact that most cases are viral in etiology and are not responsive(More)
AIM To assess the efficacy and safety of latanoprostene bunod (LBN) compared with latanoprost 0.005%, and to determine the optimum drug concentration(s) of LBN in reducing intraocular pressure (IOP) in subjects with open angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. METHODS Randomised, investigator-masked, parallel-group, dose-ranging study. Subjects instilled(More)
BACKGROUND Text messaging is an affordable, ubiquitous, and expanding mobile communication technology. However, safety net health systems in the United States that provide more care to uninsured and low-income patients may face additional financial and infrastructural challenges in utilizing this technology. Formative evaluations of texting implementation(More)
Outpatient antibiotic use in Europe and association with resistance: a cross-national database study. Antibiotic prescription rates for acute respiratory tract infections in US ambulatory settings. Predictors of broad-spectrum antibiotic prescribing for acute respiratory tract infections in adult primary care. report, sub-task 2 (prepared by RTI(More)