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The literature overwhelmingly demonstrates that feelings of ease are good and that objects that are easy to process are much liked. We propose, and demonstrate across three experiments, that this is not the case when people are pursuing a goal. This is because people pursuing a goal (e.g., "become kinder") usually invest efforts in whichever means (e.g.,(More)
Case-based teaching is regarded as a superior instructional method compared with lectures in promoting a learner's critical thinking skills. While much is known about the role a discussion facilitator plays in case-based teaching, the debate on the influence of the format and structure of cases on learning is controversial. We sought to identify strategies(More)
BACKGROUND Validating assessment tools in surgical simulation training is critical to objectively measuring skills. Most reviews do not elicit methodologies for conducting rigorous validation studies. Our study reports current methodological approaches and proposes benchmark criteria for establishing validity in surgical simulation studies. METHODS We(More)
PURPOSE For more than 25 years, family medicine residencies (FMRs) have worked with community health centers (CHCs) to train family physicians. Despite the long history of this affiliation, little research has been done to understand the effects of training residents in this underserved community setting. This study compares CHC and non-CHC-trained family(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the rate of erroneous and unverifiable publications in applications for an obstetrics and gynecology residency and to determine whether there were associated characteristics that could assist in predicting which applicants are more likely to erroneously cite their publications. METHODS This was a review of the Electronic Residency(More)
We developed a laboratory incident report classification system that can guide reduction of actual and potential adverse events. The system was applied retrospectively to 129 incident reports occurring during a 16-month period. Incidents were classified by type of adverse event (actual or potential), specific and potential patient impact, nature of(More)
There is a pressing need to redesign health professions education and integrate an interprofessional and systems approach into training. At the core of interprofessional education (IPE) are creating training synergies across healthcare professions and equipping learners with the collaborative skills required for today's complex healthcare environment.(More)
BACKGROUND Nephrotic syndrome is associated with hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, and marked elevations of plasma low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL). Hypertriglyceridemia in nephrotic syndrome is accompanied by increased hepatic fatty acid synthesis, elevated triglyceride secretion, as well as lipoprotein(More)
Nine hundred fifty-one emergency and 997 nonemergency patients seeking endodontic treatment were the basis of this study. Variables of interest were 10 pain descriptors, percussion and palpation tests, causative factors, and paired pulpal and periapical diagnoses. A higher number of patients suffering from symptomatic pulpal conditions sought emergency(More)