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Although schistosomicidal drugs and other control measures exist, the advent of an efficacious vaccine remains the most potentially powerful means for controlling this disease. In this study, native fatty acid binding protein (FABP) from Fasciola gigantica was purified from the adult worm's crude extract by saturation with ammonium sulphate followed by(More)
In this paper, we consider the problem of trust in cloud monitoring systems. We design and develop a novel scheme for trust certification using property based attestation (PBA). The PBA is based on a trusted platform module (TPM) installed on the monitoring system called Cloud Pass. This certification scheme can be applied to any other monitoring system. In(More)
In this paper, we propose a new integrity assurance system in the cloud by using both hard and soft attestations. By hard attestation, we mean the usage of trusted computing to certify the machines in the cloud or to detect any tamper on the system level including boot, bios and operating system. The soft assurance mechanism is based on the analysis of the(More)
Data leakage has become a problem of epidemic proportions with very serious consequences for businesses and their customers. Experts warn that it is very difficult for organisations to avoid infiltration and that they should be prepared for such events. Proactive detection of ongoing attacks is therefore critically important. In this paper we describe the(More)
The effect of organic production on meat quality and parameters related to human health was assessed. Fifty, three-day-old Cobb chicks were taken from commercial broiler house of 5000 birds capacity and were assigned to rules of organic production which involves avoiding agrichemicals such as synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Chicks were fed on an(More)
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