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Different modelling techniques from different disciplines are needed to model complex socio-technical systems and their requirements. This paper describes the application of RESCUE, a process that integrates 4 modelling techniques to model and analyse stakeholder requirements for DMAN, a system for scheduling and managing the departure of aircraft from(More)
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We enhance a user-centered design process with techniques that deliberately promote creativity to identify opportunities for the visualization of data generated by a major energy supplier. Visualization prototypes developed in this way prove effective in a situation whereby data sets are largely unknown and requirements open - enabling successful(More)
Introduction Trust in information services and technologies is an increasingly important issue. The development of trust between businesses, consumers and other stakeholders is seen as crucial to the expansion of e-business markets, and the full exploitation of technological developments in this area [3, 5, 11]. However, the way in which trust may be gained(More)
Reuse, system integration, and interoperability create a growing need for capturing, representing, and using application-level information about software-intensive systems and their evolution. In ESPRIT Basic Research Project NATURE, we are developing an integrative approach to requirements management based on a three-dimensional framework which addresses(More)