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Collaborative systems available on the Web allow millions of users to share information through a growing collection of tools and platforms such as wikis, blogs, and shared forums. By their very nature, these systems contain resources and information with different quality levels. The open nature of these systems, however, makes it difficult for users to(More)
Semantic Web is a vision for future of the current Web which aims at automation, integration and reuse of data among different Web applications. Access to resources on the Semantic Web can not be controlled in a safe way unless the access decision takes into account the semantic relationships among entities in the data model under this environment. Decision(More)
User generated content (UGC) constitutes a significant fraction of the Web. However, some wiiki-based sites, such as Wikipedia, are so popular that they have become a favorite target of spammers and other vandals. In such popular sites, human vigilance is not enough to combat vandalism, and tools that detect possible vandalism and poor-quality contributions(More)
—Collaborative systems available on the Web allow millions of users to share information through a growing collection of tools and platforms such as wikis, blogs and shared forums. All of these systems contain information and resources with different degrees of sensitivity. However, the open nature of such infrastructures makes it difficult for users to(More)
Our everyday observations about the behaviors of others around us shape how we decide to act or interact. In social media the ability to observe and interpret others' behavior is limited. This work describes one approach to leverage everyday behavioral observations to develop tools that could improve understanding and sense making capabilities of(More)
A content analysis of Wikipedia barnstars personalized tokens of appreciation given to participants reveals a wide range of valued work extending beyond simple editing to include social support, administrative actions, and types of articulation work. Barnstars are examples of short semi-structured text characterized by informal grammar and language. We(More)
Being among the top 10 most visited web sites, Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia on the web and is largely used as a reference for encyclopedic knowledge. Unlike traditional models of publishing, Wikipedia is mostly written, edited, and continuously monitored by an ever–growing number of web users. This huge source of knowledge is most useful when users(More)
Wikipedia articles are usually accompanied with history pages, categories and talk pages. The meta--data available in these pages can be analyzed to gain a better understanding of the content and quality of the articles. We analyze the quality of search results of the current major Web search engines (Google, Yahoo! and Live) in Wikipedia. We discuss how(More)