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Kidsnet was established in 1997 at the Children's Hospital at Westmead as a paediatric telephone triage service. The demand for Kidsnet increased from 18 327 in 1997/98 to 22 844 in 2001/02, with an average of 1669 callers per month. Most callers were able to proceed to seeking care at a more appropriate time and were satisfied with the service provided.(More)
This paper concerns the evaluation of health care for teenagers and examines the role of primary care and its interaction with the teenage users of this service. It recognizes that the majority of health care for teenagers takes place within general practice. The challenge posed is to identify and put in place suitable evaluation tools. There are government(More)
Elucidating the spatial dynamic and core constituents of the microbial communities found in association with arthropod hosts is of crucial importance for insects that may vector human or agricultural pathogens. The hematophagous Cimex lectularius (Hemiptera: Cimicidae), known as the human bed bug, has made a recent resurgence in North America, as well as(More)
Introduction The TSNA NNK is a rodent carcinogen likely to play an important role in smoking-induced lung cancer (1). Metabolism of NNK can proceed directly via cytochrome P450 activation to -hydroxyNNK or formation of NNAL and subsequent hydroxylation to -hydroxyNNAL, resulting in formation of promutagenic DNA adducts. NNAL can be detoxified by conjugation(More)
The management of women presenting to primary care with symptoms of breast disease is of increasing interest given recent organisational changes aimed at improving accuracy and speed of referrals. As part of a randomised controlled trial, 1063 women were recruited following a primary care consultation for a variety of breast-related problems. In the absence(More)
1 Title: A 454 survey of the community composition and core microbiome of the common 2 bed bug, Cimex lectularius, reveals significant microbial community structure across an 3 urban landscape 4 5 6 Abstract 14 15 Elucidating the spatial dynamic and core constituents of the microbial communities found 16 in association with arthropod hosts is of crucial(More)
Blanket taxes appropriated at the Bice-Arkansas basketball games on January 14 and 15 from non-students who presented them for admission were returned this week to their owners with a warning that hereafter they will be taken up and kept. J. T. MeCants, chairman of the committee on outdoor athletics, stated that the purpose of the committee's act was to(More)
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