Sara J Ayres

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Endoscopic esophageal vein sclerosis recently has been revived as a treatment for bleeding varices because long-term results with portacaval shunts have been poorer than suggested by initial short-term studies. Esophageal vein thrombosis secondary to endothelial damage has been considered the result of the activity of the sclerosing agents, but until 1981(More)
Three patients with portal hypertension and variceal hemorrhage were treated with flexible fiberoptic esophageal vein sclerosis by injection of sodium morrhuate. Each of these patients bled after sclerotherapy, and deep esophageal ulcers were found at the previous injection sites. Postsclerotherapy pathologic features are presented in 2 patients. It is(More)
Aromatherapy is an integrative intervention that uses essential oils to address symptom management, potentially as a first-line intervention or as a complement to other medical treatments. Aromatherapy is gaining widespread acceptance and increased scientific evidence of efficacy. Integrative and holistic nursing care uses integrative therapies such as(More)
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