Sara Hulliger

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Age-dependent impairment in learning and memory functions occurs in many animal species, including humans. Although cell death contributes to age-related cognitive impairment in pathological forms of aging, learning and memory deficiencies develop with age even without substantial cell death. The molecular and cellular basis of this biological aging process(More)
The role that mast cells play during contact hypersensitivity (CS) response is unclear because some studies have shown that mast cell-deficient mice have relatively intact CS responses whereas others have shown opposing results. Mast cells secrete a wide range of immunomodulatory mediators and can potentially influence the type of immune response generated(More)
Contact sensitivity (CS) is one of the primary in vivo models of T cell-mediated inflammation. The presence of CS-initiating CD4 T lymphocytes at the time of challenge is essential for transfer and full development of the late phase CS inflammatory response. From this observation investigators have speculated that early recruitment of CD4 T cells to the(More)
Intravascular device-related infections (IVDRIs) are among the most common nosocomial infections in critically ill patients. Quantitative or semi-quantitative microbiology diagnosis is necessary for their management. Most causative organisms arise from the skin; staphylococci are responsible for two-thirds of the IVDRIs, with Staphylococcus aureus(More)
42 cases operated by the modified Werb's dacryocystorhinostomy with polyethylene tubing are reported. The postoperative follow-up was between 1 and 4 1/2 years. The success rate was 75%. The tube should remain at least 3-4 months. A longer time does not give significantly better results. On 2 unsuccessfully operated persons strong fibrous scar tissue was(More)
BACKGROUND A possible influence of estrogens on the dopaminergic system has been hypothesized and investigated by several studies, and fluctuations in motor symptoms related to the menstrual cycle have been reported in some movement disorders patients. We designed a survey to quantify how frequently female patients with various movement disorders are(More)
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