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OBJECTIVE To review the evidence about the prevalence and determinants of non-psychotic common perinatal mental disorders (CPMDs) in World Bank categorized low- and lower-middle-income countries. METHODS Major databases were searched systematically for English-language publications on the prevalence of non-psychotic CPMDs and on their risk factors and(More)
Australian health policy emphasises prevention, early intervention and improved pathways to treatment for perinatal mental disorders. Primary care is vital to achieving these aims. The aim of this study was to understand the anticipated needs and preferred sources of mental health information and support of men and women expecting their first baby.(More)
BACKGROUND Exposure to multiple forms of violence, including abuse and crime is termed poly-victimisation. There has been increasing research interest in poly-victimisation among children and adolescents in high income countries. However, experiences among adolescents living in low- and lower-middle-income countries are yet to be examined. AIMS To(More)
The health risk associated with low-level air pollution exposure is still uncertain. The association between exposure and pulmonary function was assessed with personal sampling. Small, portable multipollutant samplers were used to assess personal exposure to particulate matter. Thirty-six asthmatic subjects participated in the study for up to 20 d in both(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the feasibility and patient acceptance of a personalized interdisciplinary audiovisual record to facilitate effective communication with patients, family, carers and other healthcare workers at hospital discharge. DESIGN Descriptive pilot study utilizing a study-specific patient feedback questionnaire conducted from October 2013 to(More)
BACKGROUND Certain chronic health conditions and their treatments may compromise women's fertility; some chronic conditions are more likely to affect women of reproductive age than others, and some are heritable. All have implications for women's future childbearing and fertility management. OBJECTIVE The aim of this systematic review was to identify the(More)
Unintended pregnancy can be difficult to identify and conceptualise. We aimed to understand how unintended pregnancies are constructed, explained and situated in a reproductive life. A total of 41 women and 7 men aged 20-50 years were interviewed in depth. Transcripts were analysed using iterative hermeneutic techniques informed by narrative theory. Of 34(More)