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New York City, like other large cities, is warmer than surrounding areas due to the urban heat island effect, which is defined as an increase in urban air temperature as compared to surrounding suburban and rural temperature. The development of a heat island has regional-scale impacts on energy demand, air quality, and public health. Heat island mitigation(More)
Light therapy, the current treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), does not help everyone suffering from SAD. This paper examines whether patients with SAD potentially might benefit from cognitive behaviour therapy by investigating whether they show a similar cognitive profile to those with non-seasonal depression for whom cognitive therapy has(More)
Acknowledgements Th e initial phase of this work was organized in collaboration with the New York Ecological Infrastructure Study. We acknowledge EarthPledge, whose main representative was Colin Cheney; his contributions are gratefully recognized. We highlight the role of Lily Parshall, who served as Study Coordinator. We also thank José Mendoza and(More)
This paper compares the findings of three studies carried out at intervals over the years 1975-1990. The three studies were concerned with different issues, but each study examined psychiatric morbidity among women undergoing hysterectomy for menorrhagia of benign origin. In all three studies levels of psychiatric morbidity were measured before the(More)
Hannah Banagale Neural Basis for Mothers’ Responses to Infant Distress Advisors: Dr. Jennifer Ablow and Heidemarie Laurent A mother’s responsiveness to her child’s cues on a neurobiological level is an important consideration in our understanding of the effect of psychopathology on mother-infant relationships. Previous studies have suggested that maternal(More)
An 18-month, nursing service-education project studied means to improve the quality of maternity services in satellite clinic settings. Tools, inservice education meetings, and questionnaires were used to guide nurses, other team members, and students in patient education services. Progress in written and verbal communications was made. Ongoing(More)
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