Sara Henriksson

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Many modern molecular labelling techniques result in bright point signals. Signals from molecules that are detected directly inside a cell can be captured by fluorescence microscopy. Signals representing different types of molecules may be randomly distributed in the cells or show systematic patterns, indicating that the corresponding molecules have(More)
BACKGROUND In this study we utilized padlock probes and rolling circle amplification as a mean to detect and study the replication of porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) in cultured cells and in infected tissue. Porcine circovirus type 2 is a single-stranded circular DNA virus associated with several severe diseases, porcine circovirus diseases (PCVD) in pigs,(More)
In their paper from 2006, Annan and Hargreaves present an estimate for the uncertainty of climate sensitivity obtained by using Bayes' theorem to combine information from different sources. In this comment article we critisize two aspects of their reasoning , namely using probability density functions and likelihood functions interchangeably 5 and the(More)
This discussion paper is/has been under review for the journal Earth System Dynamics (ESD). Please refer to the corresponding final paper in ESD if available. Abstract Using a method of discrete Fourier transform with varying starting point and length of time window and the long time series provided by millennium Earth System Model simulations, we get good(More)
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